Green Spaces in the South End

Though the South End began as nothing more than a strip of land connecting other Boston neighborhoods in the 1840s, it is now its own booming neighborhood (“A Short History of Boston’s South End”) which houses a conglomerate of diversity. Boston University calls the South End “one of [Boston’s] most diverse neighborhoods, both economically and… Continue reading Green Spaces in the South End

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Placemaking: South End

The Beehive At the center of many popular commercial spots, the Beehive is an ideal location for a rooftop garden. There are many other popular restaurants and stores nearby, which attract residents and tourists alike. The Beehive is known for its art and music, as well as its food. The variety of appeals at this location… Continue reading Placemaking: South End

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Post Office Square, Part II

My second time at Post Office Square was an utterly different experience from the first time. I went on a Tuesday morning, around 10:30, when apparently nobody else had a desire to be there. The Square was completely empty. I first began to wonder if it was closed for some reason, questioning the legality of… Continue reading Post Office Square, Part II