Hello and welcome to my portfolio. My name is Rebekah Davis and I am a Computer and Electrical Engineering student at Northeastern University. As a part of my first-year writing course, I have created this portfolio that contains many pieces of work, all of which improved my communication skills.

Through a first project on Post Office Square, I used general ideas I had about public squares, founded through previous reading, and visited the square to add specifics to such ideas. This taught me a lot about the art of observation and the importance of considering multiple perspectives.

For a second project, I explored the green spaces of the South End, concluding how they work with the diverse demographics within the neighborhood. This set up an important understanding of how to conduct research, which is necessary for communication, which is reliant on opinions and defense of claims.

Such communication strategies came into play for my third and final project, as I worked with a group to plan a development project within South End. This project tied together the people and the place, ideas I had previously been looking at separately. It also developed my previous understanding of multiple modes and perspectives.

A field notes project, conducted throughout the semester, expanded on all of the ideas I explored through my other projects and brought them all together within the greater Boston community. A process of peer review helped me progress my writing and improve any flaws.

The evolution of my writing throughout this collection of work directly displays my understanding of the subject matter and how to appropriately convey my ideas to my audience. I believe this portfolio accurately displays my attributes not only as a writer, but also as a communicator.